Rob Panepinto -The Vision To Bring Economic Opportunity To Our Community

A Message From Rob:


“My name is Rob Panepinto, and I’m running for Orange County Mayor to lead our county to the future by fostering a vision of innovation and opportunity for our entire community.

I came to Orlando nearly 25 years ago for the same reason as many of you…to seek and build a better life for my family. Our community has been the foundation upon which I’ve built a blessed life. As a proud husband, father, businessman, and volunteer leader, I am committed to helping Orange County thrive. And I want to do more for our growing community.

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Decades ago innovation and visionary entrepreneurship set Orange County and Orlando on the path to being the epicenter of an international tourism economy. Now, we are one of the largest, most diverse, and fastest growing communities in our country. It has given us low unemployment and rising property values.

Some of the same factors that have helped us grow, have also brought challenges that our strong community must address.

Orange County is a good place to live, work, and raise a family and I am proud to call it home. It’s good...but it can be even better.

That’s why now is a perfect time to bring new innovations and a vision for what this community can, and should become in the future.

Tourism has been a great engine for Orange County, and we will work to see it continue to flourish, but we also have to expand into other areas.

Creating higher-wage jobs, expanding affordable housing options, building a world class infrastructure, and continuing to help those most in need today requires experience that is simply not found in politics or government. There are many in our community with good intentions, but to innovate and expand our local economy to new sectors takes more than that. Here in Orange County we have a moment to seize; an opportunity to plan and build a more prosperous future, one that every person in our community participates in.

I am running for Mayor to make sure this vision for Orange County's future becomes a reality. I look forward to earning your trust and support.”

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Rob Panepinto

Candidate for Orange County Mayor

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Rob's Blueprint for an Even Better Orange County

Rob's Blueprint for an Even Better Orange County

Foster a Thriving and Diverse Economy


Orange County is built on tourism, and the way we drive our community to reach its full potential is by diversifying our economy.

Rob knows firsthand what it will take to make Orange County a hub for entrepreneurship, job creation, technology, and creativity. It will require experience that is simply not found in politics or government. As a business leader who has overseen large budgets, created high-quality jobs, and driven innovation and success within the private and nonprofit sectors, Rob brings the breadth of experience and the passion needed to make Orange County even better.

Grow Opportunities for Higher-Wage Jobs


Rob knows we must create opportunities that attract new jobs and higher incomes, giving residents a chance to have a career rather than simply a job.

Encourage Our Local Business Growth


Rob will encourage entrepreneurship and small business growth by reducing barriers and allowing them to scale.

Create Educational Opportunities for a Skilled Workforce


Rob will ensure Orange County has abundant educational opportunities to help prepare a skilled workforce to support new industries.

Ensure Residents Have Affordable Housing


Our community cannot sustain having 30% of our renters paying half of their income on housing expenses. Rob will work to reduce our cost of housing and ensure a thriving community.

Improve Neighborhoods and Public Safety


Rob will work to improve our neighborhoods, ensure our streets are safe, and invest in the right resources for first responders.

Develop a World-Class Infrastructure


Rob knows we must invest in the infrastructure that is a backbone for an expanding economy and high quality of life for our community.